Nature and innovation according to Wall&Decò

Wall&Decò chooses the Parisian platform to unveil an exclusive preview of the collections Wet System and Out System. Wall coatings with revolutionary, innovative features presented with a new graphic that have a common floral pattern.

Wet System is a waterproof wall covering system conceived for walls of very humid environments; including bathrooms and showers of private homes as well as hotels, wellness centers and sports facilities where water flows more frequently. Patented at international level, the system combines a high decorative value to a a wide range of technical properties – resistance to water, dampness, yellowing, abrasion and harsh house cleaning products. Instead Out System wraps the external facades strengthening them and protecting them from tears, abrasions and different climatic conditions.

Next to the amplified functionality, ornaments are the protagonists; in this case the Parisian exhibition welcomes colored varieties. The floral decors at the base of Big Bang (by Gunilla Zamboni for Wall&Decò) and Ve-Nature (by De Meo + De Bona) undergo a different interpretation. Zamboni is inspired by “chinoiseries” and Eastern iconography, reviewed in an abstract way, while the duo De Meo + De Bona takes inspiration from the seventies, embellishing the colors that tend towards bronze – enliven through a dusty turquoise that donates a casual and sophisticated allure to the place.
Big Bang expands the size of the natural element by approaching the observation point, making it deeper and better defined through tempera, brushes and pigments.
Wall&Decò will officially launches the products of the collections at Cersaie, a usual date at the end of September in Bologna.