A decade with Moroso, Doshi Levien and Edward van Vliet

“Nature is the greatest designer in the world and the most expansive source of inspiration at the same time. Rich and colorful. Brimming with life and detail.” Edward van Vliet draws from floral inventories and botanical representations for the new Ikebana textile upholstering the rich Sushi collection by Moroso, a seating range to which he worked for almost ten years: armchairs, sofas, daybeds, benches, poufs with plastic shapes and unmistakable decorative patterns.

The collaboration between Moroso, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, that resulted in  the new Modernista (2017) upholstered seats, sofa and armchair, with an opposite conception to the first piece of oriental inspiration realized for Moroso in 2007, Charpoy.
Modernista, which recalls the colors and the sartorial care typical of men's suits, as Levien explains, is “based on the archetype of a sofa, with very linear, geometrical, architectural forms, but we have really worked on proportion, and details and stitiches to make something different.”
The light upholstery, for example, is softened by the use of buttons that recall the capitonné workmanship and create a discreet and elegant decor.