Tacchini’s design experience

Sofas, chairs, tables, coffee tables and rugs: all these elements can contribute to making today’s workspaces comfortable and multifunctional, whether in real offices or dedicated spaces in international contexts. Tacchini is well-aware of this and the brand has aimed to respond to the new needs of professional flexibility with its 2016 collection of furnishings that are adaptable to modern workspaces.

The contemporary-style Santiago chairs and sofas play with unusual proportions to create a distinct visual presence, depending on the angle from which they are observed.
Giulia and Gio, an armchair and low table based on a 1957 design by Gianfranco Frattini, revive a timeless feeling of beauty, comfort and harmony in the contemporary space.
Then there is the continuous evolution of the Kelly project, a family of seats and accessories which, taking inspiration from a coloured, multiform concept of design, features an endless series of variations on a theme and explorations of materials: from the Kelly V chair to the padded Kelly C Basic to the Kelly T Central Base tables, all in new versions that combine to create a universe of rounded geometric shapes.
It perfectly responds to the customization needs of the Chill-Out High space, a modular system of elements that can be used individually, such as the chairs and sofas, or to create highly varied angular or linear compositions; a new design experience devised to form a seamless combination with the Chill-Out elements with a low backrest.
Ledge, a small, versatile cantilevered side table and Campo, a collection of rugs hand-woven by skilled craftsmen, complete the collection.


Photo Credits: Andrea Ferrari