Creativity and energy in showcase

Sephora celebrates not only Beauty, but also Art through the showcase Design of life. Ray Oranges’ artwork has a central position in the strategic Milanese location, Piazza Gae Aulenti, among the Design Week – while creativity wakes up in unexpected contexts.

Permanent prerogative of the leading brand in cosmetic sector, the celebration of Beauty pours into multiple concepts: luxury, amusement, seduction, vitality. In parallel to Salone del Mobile, Sephora’s Beauty becomes all in one with Art and Design, enhancing – at the same time – the personality of each woman through naturalness, without any creative limits.

Surely, Ray Oranges – ideal partner for his inclination to essentiality, strong tonality and volumetric attention – doesn’t lack creativity.

The showcase in Piazza Gae Aulenti gushes a new kind of energy, able to reach the heart of the message: each daily moment could turns into art.

Interacting with the spectator through prominanced elements close to the glass, the illustrator condences abstract figures, geometric language and chromatic combination of contrasts, exhibiting until the 8th of May  a strong, visual impressed work.