Illulian and Dimorestudio: sensory alchemies

Creations with involve the most profound emotional sensoriality, expressed in exclusive and superior quality rugs.
The new Illulian collections belong to the Limited Edition, the brand’s most exclusive range developed in collaboration with numerous artists of international acclaim. The latest synergistic development has brought together Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, alias Dimorastudio, with the development of four models characterised by strong geometric inspirations.
The palpable softness of rugs – guaranteed by materials such as wool and hand woven silk- converges with a warm and enveloping aesthetic, reminiscent of a vast array of origami forms, bringing to life a hypnotic scenography for living spaces. Such delicate matching alludes to a re-elaborated world of colour, endorsed and elevated by Dimorestudio, becoming a distinctive trait of the creative duo. Art deco allusions inform a sophisticated allure harking back to the 30s and 40s, perpetually timeless in essence.
We bring you Costellazioni I, Costellazioni II, Costellazioni III and Costellazioni IV, pure creative energy.