Design which makes shopping irresistible

As you look around at the coolest sneakers and garments of streetstyle collections, you can't help but notice how the entire ALL SH shop exudes design. Not a single detail is left to chance, as is always the case with the Shanghai-based studio Linehouse, founded in 2013 by Alex Mok, of Chinese-Swedish origin, and Briar Hickling, from New Zealand. Both young professionals always take a holistic approach to projects, combining several disciplines: interior design, architecture, product and graphic design, exalting project quality, details, materials and lighting.

Their first shop aimed to leave the underlying structure in view, by removing old wall plaster. In contrast, the latest shop, 20 sqm and featuring a trapezoidal shape, hones in on the shop window, with stainless steel panels presenting a curved development. This strategy aims to capture the attention of customers by enlivening the façade and creating a passage for the entrance, while also showcasing garments on sale in the shop. The panels which unroll like a ribbon towards the interior, are used to create exhibition spaces, shelves and open wardrobes from which clothes hang. All these surfaces have been graphically developed with different sized bores and an array of patterns. The high-tech appearance is exalted by led tube lighting inserted in special U-shaped channels between various panels. Passers-by are irresistibly drawn towards the interior of this high-impact shop.