MisuraEmme. Teamwork

A different way of approaching the market, more subtle and refined, but with even more fruitful results, is close collaboration with international architectural firms. The creative side of the interior design project, combined with a close-knit relationship with furniture manufacturers, ensures the design ideas become reality. This partnership has served as a foundation for MisuraEmme’s expansion towards ground-breaking new cosmopolitan locations, where the company showcases its founding values while seamlessly adapting to an array of international settings.

And none more so than England. The meeting between Lamco (the brand’s local distributor) and the Woadden Nash Interiors studio spawned the Silencio Sandbanks project: seven residential properties on Dorset’s Sandbanks beach. The understated sophistication and striking brightness of the spaces create the perfect setting for the First wardrobe, created by MisuraEmme for the bedroom. Meanwhile, the innovative finishing in bronzed reflective glass provides a stunning backdrop for the Hermes chairs with oak fumé base.

From the United Kingdom to the Big Apple, yet another project, this one oozing with vintage charm. The renowned CetraRuddy architectural firm has undertaken the renovation of New York’s 443 Greenwich, a 19th-century bindery now transformed into a complex of 53 residential spaces. The spaciousness of the properties makes them the perfect setting for the I-Box walk-in closet with cenere oak finishing, which steals the spotlight in the show apartment thanks to its modularity and endless possibilities for personalisation.

MisuraEmme was also called on to participate in the Msheireb Downtown project in Doha, a revolutionary initiative both in terms of concept and the scope of the action taken. The project saw a 31-hectare space completely regenerated to house offices, retail outlets, residences and places of cultural and recreational interest. For the 80 apartments in the residential area, MisuraEmme supplied the wardrobes and – for the first time in its history – all of the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. The result was a striking sense of style uniformity in natural walnut tones, with everything created entirely custom-made. It won’t go unnoticed that there is one constant in every project MisuraEmme is involved in: wardrobes. The brand’s strong suit, they are the embodiment of excellence in their level of technological innovation, manufacturing skill, attention to detail and, of course, in the impeccable materials used to produce them.