Luxurious Aegean Allure

A 900 sqm villa which develops across three floors complete with guest house and summer house, immersed in almost 5000 sqm of greenery overlooking the Aegean Sea. Welcome to Villa Olivia, the new luxury residence by Studio D73.
Marco Vismara, co-founder of the studio together with fellow architect Andrea Viganò, explains: “The villa is located in a position of extraordinary beauty, in the heart of the island of Crete. An enchanting landscape and a land rich in history, tradition, colours and perfumes: we approached all these elements at the outset, drawing inspiration for the project’s development. We absolutely wanted to underline and exalt these elements in our project, creating a strong continuity between the landscape and architecture”.

Everything in the project has been designed to bring to life a fascinating facility. Interiors distinguish themselves in virtue of their sheer elegance. Outdoor areas unravel in a labyrinth of paths leading onto various residence gardens, patches of scrub home to local plant species, in a play of staggered planes and heights which confer vivacity upon the residence. An example can be seen in the infinity pool overlooking the garden which stands at sea level, with direct access to the villa interior.

The residence is the expression of a contemporary Mediterranean style and uses materials which bear reference to local tradition: stone, marble, wood and wrought iron. Furnishings, lighting, flooring, mosaics, bathroom fixtures, decorations… Everything has been meticulously selected and developed on-site, thanks to top-notch suppliers including Porada, Rugiano, Twils e Ditre, Flos and Foscarini. “When constructing a supply chain for a project, without a doubt we favour Made in Italy, synonymous with quality. Most of the companies we have worked with in Greece are not first-time suppliers for us. Over time we have created projects together, consolidating a concrete and productive collaboration, where quality informs the company as a whole, rather than being limited to production alone”.

This is one of many international destinations to rouse the Studio’s interests. Marco Vismara offers some final considerations: “Approximately 80% of our current projects are abroad, especially in eastern Europe which is an important market for us, where we have become rooted for several years now. Along with the Russian market and former Soviet area in general, where we operate through our Moscow and Tbilisi offices, these areas are absolutely brimming with energy and know how to appreciate Italian quality and the style we bring, with clients characterised by a good spending capacity, ever-mindful of their investment objectives”.



Interior Design: Studio D73
General Contractor: Ziglioli Arreda

Furniture: Rugiano, Bontempi, Twils, Porada, Dialma Brown, Ditre, Egozero24, Novamobili
Lighting: Italamp, Flos, Foscarini, Masiero
Flooring: Ariostea, Xilo 1904
Mosaic: Project Italia
Bathroom: Neve, Duravit, Flaminia, Caleido, Cerasa