New future for Wall&decò alongside WallVision

«I have always had big dreams for Wall&decò…». The company has come a long way since its foundation in 2005, gaining an increasingly large market share and recording double-digit growth. Today the dream of Christian Benini, the brand’s founder and creative director, is represented by WallVision, a Swedish wallpaper group headed by Olle Svensk, which has acquired 100% of Wall&decò with the aim of «bringing this brand to the next level».
WallVision boasts over a century of history and distribution in over 60 countries, with a particularly strong presence in Northern Europe, where it has over 50% of the market share; the Cervia-based company has thus joined the Group’s set of interior design brands, which include Cole & Son, Engblad & Co, Boråstapeter and Mr. Perswall, a move that offers significant growth opportunities for both companies as part of a project characterized by its excellent synergy.

«We are constantly looking for new inspiration and a beautiful aesthetic in the design that we create; characteristics that we find in products by Wall&decò, which is an outstanding company in the sector – comments Jonas Sjoo, Wallvision’s Chief of Operations – and therefore represents a new design dimension for the Group that combines the quality and aesthetics of Made in Italy with an international presence. In turn, WallVison can offer new future possibilities for technical development at the product level».

In January 2018, Jonas Sjoo will take charge of Wall&decò as Managing Director with the aim of facilitating the new reorganization and the relationship between the brands and the Group, while continuity with current management is ensured by Christian Benini, who will continue to serve as Creative Director, personally following the development of collections that have already led to the creation of an innovative product range, including Wet System – a patented waterproof coating system for bathrooms and showers – and Out System – a cladding for external walls and facades.

This continuity has also been respected on the retail side: «Distribution will continue in the high-end furniture multi-brand retailer channel – explains Christian Benini – From the outset, we developed this distribution network within the wall cladding world, since we consider our wall papers to be true furnishing accessories. This agreement will certainly offer further development potential on this front, through more widespread penetration in markets in which, up to now, Wall&decò has had less presence».

The next steps will see the development of a shared business plan for the Group, with the integration of Wall&decò and an initial operation focused on sales, as Jonas Sjoo explains: «At this early stage, the focus will be on identifying the possibilities of the brand and of the markets that it makes most sense to target. In a few months, we will have a much more defined vision of the strategies that we aim to pursue and of our development plans. The brand and the Group will definitely be able to support each other in their respective markets».