Ceramics: thinking about the future

Collaboration between Iris Ceramica Group and the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic has led to the creation of the ICG RenaisScience Hub

ICG RenaisScience Hub

The journey to “destination future” moves full speed ahead for Iris Ceramica Group, which after having adopted (engineered and deployed) the futuristic project of the Green Hydrogen Factory is now shifting the focus towards research and development, with the objective of re-engineering ceramics to improve interaction between human beings and the environment. The famous equation “Economy = Ecology” (difficult to grasp, it seems, at least for those not yet in step with the times) of the founder of Iris Romano Minozzi (all the way back in the 1960s) was and still is a cornerstone on which the company (now Group) based its philosophy, a credo linked not only to production, but also the human resources involved.

The ICG RenaisScience Hub (800 sqm containing 4 research areas) will be a place that speaks the language of a focus on systems, a place to study techniques, exploring worlds with affinities, but which have never directly entered the production cycle, starting with logistics and packaging. “Those who know only football know nothing about football”: this was how a college professor responded to José Mourinho, on the subject of how philosophy could be useful for a football coach. Today the two are great friends. To paraphrase the anecdote, we might say that those who “think only about tiles” get stuck in a bubble that reveals its own limits, preventing them from taking social responsibilities, from looking at a world that is changing or has to change.

Access to the Hub will be allowed only to a team of multidisciplinary experts inside the company: in particular, the engineers of the solutions of Iris Ceramica Group helmed by Claudio Bizzaglia, Project Management & Engineering Director, together with a group of researchers from Polifactory, the Makerspace of the Milan Polytechnic, coordinated by Prof. Stefano Maffei, Director of the Laboratory and Rector’s Delegate for Social Innovation. There will be a new world surrounding ceramics.

Polifactory, Politecnico di Milano