Design dichotomies

“Innovating in the name of continuity” is the principle that has always guided Minotti, combining a past of history, culture and tradition with a pioneering, innovative future.

This principle is best expressed in the company’s products: collections that boast versatile elements and an eclectic character, united by the common denominator of intrinsic Made in Italy quality. The quintessence of this philosophy is the Lawrence chair system, which is characterized by its strong, bold personality and by a classic-modern spirit that develops through a combination of generous volumes featuring distinctly horizontal lines.

This principle is also reflected in the company’s attitude towards the international markets with which it comes into contact, contributing to the creation of a high-quality design and interior decoration culture, while always paying careful attention to the local identity. Such is the case in China, where Minotti has been present since 1999. «We have always acted with deep respect for the country’s history and culture – explain the company’s owners, Roberto and Renato Minotti – The wide range of products offered in our collections allow us to respond to classical taste, which is deeply rooted in the country, and to the desire for the more modern style that the market is opening up to. The extraordinary variety of materials in our collections greatly helps us in this sense and allows us to develop projects that meet the highest expectations of consumers and architects».

Minotti has three flagship stores in China: in Beijing, the first to be opened in 2007, in Shanghai, inaugurated in 2015, and finally the recent opening in Chengdu last October.

«It is a steadily growing market that still has strong potential – the owners remark – We must believe in it and above all find the right partners to represent the brand and its values. A well-established presence in China in terms of distribution will be the natural consequence».