Lapalma: the new entries of Auki family

The Auki family is growing, and what a better occasion that imm to present the new entries? For the occasion, in fact, Auki is completed with a headrest and a footrest that, if

necessary, becomes a comfortable and welcoming seat, thanks to its rounded shape.

Born from the combination of geometric shapes that create new surfaces, Auki elegantly

interprets the varied needs of the Lounge space. Like an origami, the idea of the Danish designer, started from a flat surface and lifting up the corners, a kind of cocooning bowl was formed; with a central line to adapt to the human body, this lounge chair has a simple look and high functionality.

Its light curve on the edge gives a delicate elegance, increasing its formal grace. And in Cologne Auki family is completed by square and round coffee tables, and various finishes with swivel central base in mat chrome metal or powder coated.