A domestic experience inside a station Bohem

The allusion to departure, associated with a type of architecture commonly used for numerous Italian railway buildings, is pleasantly disobeyed upon crossing the threshold of the main entrance. We are welcomed by an invitation to partake in an original and welcoming break, at a venue reinterpreted by the scenographer and interior designer Ernesto Pigni, who has redesigned the destination while also conferring a new value upon time. Nestled between Lake Iseo and Franciacorta vine groves, Bohem La Stazione brings together three different businesses: a Flower Boutique, a Coffee Shop and a Sugared Almond Patisserie, in a venue voted to an intense decorativism, both in terms of colours and patterns.

A retail experience finely sweetened by the retro allure palpable in typical elements of Milanese abodes dating back to the 20s and 30s. The architect Guido Luigi Ferrari was entrusted with the conservative restoration of original details of the time, such as flooring grits, imposing doors and windows inside and outside, the staircase in Sarnico Stone, balustrades and high ceilings. We also have the addition of multicoloured faux-marble decorations on the stairs and the use of velvets. There is also an infinite array of plants and flowers from all over the world, used freely to develop the location’s subliminal scenography.

Pedrali furnishing elements, personalised in terms of colour combinations, coherently harmonise interiors with the upholstered volumes of Tweet and Log armchairs, whereas outdoors, essential forms of the Nolita collection complement the tones of antique inscriptions on the Station’s façade and restrooms. Chairs, armchair and tables entirely made from steel and inspired by transparent recollection, encourage moments of open air conviviality and relaxation, thanks to their summery and extrovert character.