The new Molteni&C Corporate Showroom bears the signature of Vincent Van Duysen

A new concept of great domestic architecture was the idea behind the Molteni&C | Dada Corporate Showroom, an exhibition space inside the Company designed by Vincent Van Duysen, the creative director of the Molteni&C and Dada brands.
Opened on October 19, the new Corporate Showroom was built on an industrial construction site inside the Molteni Compound, used in the 1950s as a drying area for timber, later renovated by Aldo Rossi and then by Studio Cerri & Associates at the start of 2000.
The sophisticated renovation work by the architect Van Duysen has transformed the space in the current showroom, a location designed to best showcase the value of the various product collections.
The project covers 2,700 square miles on two floors, both fitted out as contemporary living spaces; a large internal staircase joining the two levels makes the exhibition itinerary “fluid” as it continues through skilful perspectives and a large central green patio, concluding on the floor dedicated to the Molteni Museum, a permanent exhibition of 48 iconic products and original prototypes of the four brands – Molteni&C, Dada, Unifor and Citterio – relating the Group’s 80-year history of innovation, research and quality.
“I think of the furnishings at the same time I conceive the space”, said Van Duysen of the showroom design, where oxidised wood, glass and resin combine in a chiaroscuro tonal scheme and touches of colour.

The focus of the setting is Molteni&C’s new 2016 Collection, including the renewed 505 day system in the new silver oak finish, Quinten cupboards, a series of Jan and Domino Next tables and historic re-editions of the recent Heritage Collection such as Miss, MHC.1 and MHC.2, in addition to the carpets, designed exclusively by Patricia Urquiola.
The night areas display two Gliss Master wardrobes, the first product design by Van Duysen for Molteni&C, connected to suites and master bedrooms of great sophistication.  In the central part of the second floor is the VVD kitchen, a system presented at Eurocucina and fitted out here with two islands, while on the upper floor, the Vela kitchen is displayed, notable for the reduced 13 mm thickness of the door and displayed in the showroom with dune-coloured, shiny lacquered front, marble top and up&down snack bar in dark elm.