America touches Made in Italy with its own hands

The widespread international organisation of Federlegno Arredo Eventi and invaluable synergy of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade have been leveraged to convince a staggering 10 American interior designers to suspend their activities and accept an invitation to visit 11 Italian companies this week (from October 16th – 20th) and experience some national “know-how” on an everyday basis, which commonly manifests itself as Made in Italy.

It is often said that the great thing about live coverage is being able to materially perceive and physically touch, culminating in a triumphant realisation that we say and write actually corresponds with what we do: accuracy, details, quality, materials, design, production, management.

All 10 American designers are of coast-to-coast provenance, representing affluent villa and skyscraper-studded American capitals: from California to Florida, with a significant participation of New York based professionals. Each one with active projects under development.

This operation has seen the involvement of the following 11 Italian companies: MOMA Design, Desalto, Gabel, Laudarte, L’Opificio, Gebrüder Thonet, Gufram, Edra, Formitalia and Budri.