Laminam China is born

Laminam has its eye on China and has created a new company which opens out onto unprecedented and broad horizons, confirming a trend of growth and internationalisation for the Fiorano Milanese-based company specialised in ceramic slab manufacture. The joint venture was clinched in Shanghai between the CEO of Laminam SpA, Alberto Selmi, Mr. Huang and Mrs. Fei, owners of the company Fhr Resources which has been a leader for over twenty years in the construction, marble import and distribution sectors.

Alberto Selmi explains: “Export makes up 70% of our turnover and China is one of the fastest growing markets. This joint venture operation aims to reinforce our brand and consolidate our leadership in a territory where ceramic slabs have enormous potential”.

Proof of this? Two important orders for Laminam from Beijing: cladding for all buildings at the new olympic village and cladding for the skyscrapers Z15 and Z12, to date the capital’s tallest constructions.

 width= “We deliberately chose 6th June as the official date for the signing of the joint venture, because it is the date of summer planting (the 9th solar term of the Chinese calendar), Mrs. Ge Fei affirms, nominated Director of Laminam China. “This is a sign of good omen, to pursue, with the force of our conviction, growth which we are sure the company will enjoy in the near future, in line with results achieved by colleagues throughout the world.