Sartorialism and balance in the new Rossato home collection

Sartorialism is an an exclusive element of this company, which has positioned itself as an authoritative reference in the international contract world. Rossato, a historic company active since 1969 in the high-end contract sector throughout the world, presents the new home collection Timeless, by Hangar Design Group.

An original combination of different materials together with the balanced use of volumes confers personality and formal rigour upon furnishings characterised by durable materials, exotic woods such as ebony, marbles and fine fabrics, in a maelstrom of volumes, textures, lines, angles, alternations of void and full spaces.

An example can be seen in the armchair Victoria, which adds a distinguishing touch upon any interior, available in different combinations of fine leathers and velvets. The Gramercy ottomans come in three sizes and are combinable, featuring an upholstered top which rests on an unusual burnished, gilded or steel metal base. Then we have the dining table Stuart, in black marble, with warm rosé veining and brushed brass, sculpted lines and light volumes, or the séparé Empire which showcases the immense originality of the precious stone, marble, wood and metal mosaic which opens out.

The collection draws inspiration from the early 20th century and uses identity elements such as elegance, lightness, the perfect alternation of void and full spaces, the apparent simplicity of language, to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity. This is a distinctive trait of Hangar Design Group, an international studio founded by the architects Alberto Bovo and Sandro Manente, who have developed an ample portfolio of works in over thirty years of operation, characterised by research into the relationship between tradition and contemporaneity, local culture and cosmopolitan spirit.