MCD’s Customer Experience strategy

Sales figures in Milan reveal an upturn in the market for high-value homes. The city is very dynamic and attractive from a real estate perspective: in the last two years, national investment has doubled (+31.4%) and international investment has tripled (41.6%), as evidenced by calculations by Aspesi (National Association of Real Estate Developers). In this context, Milano Contract District, a project that combines design and real estate and has already conquered Milan’s real estate market, is playing an increasingly prominent role.
The situation was explored in depth during the recent City Trends Overview, the first market insight by the District, presented in Milan during a conference attended by some of the most respected RE representatives in Milan, alongside opinion leaders who work for multinational corporations.

MCD, the brainchild of Lorenzo Pascucci, has established itself in a few years as a benchmark for the best industry professionals, architectural firms and interior designers, who are looking for innovative services and high-quality products to offer their customers.  A service that offers interior solutions and highly customizable fit-outs for limited edition houses, created through a partnership with the best design brands in the world.
«In order to build a residential object today, it has become essential to combine real estate with exclusive sales services – explains Pascucci – that can first stimulate the demand and preference of the home and then support the choice. Tools like Customer Experience, namely services that can provide customers with increasingly comprehensive, tailored ‘packages’, are becoming more and more important».

A strategy that currently has 47 active partner sites in Milan. One of these is Poma61, a recent, ongoing residential project involving a precise, well-defined grid of streets, which contemplates the recomposition of the block in the planimetric development though a main clear volume.
The vertical design of the façade echoes that of historic buildings in Milan, stylistically aligning with the adjacent buildings and creating a clear division between exterior and interior, street and courtyard, public and private. Another element, the basement, will be introduced to incorporate semi-public and social elements (entrances, reception and conciergerie, fitness area, play areas and baby club, relaxation areas).
A filter necessary for respecting the human dimension, according to the designers. Inside, privacy is maintained by continuous walkways, semi-interrupted by separation elements and shielded by numerous sliding wooden brises soleil across the entire length. Wood is used for horizontal strips, mainly on the upper floors, becoming natural wings of the large terraces that characterize the project.
The common garden clearly expresses the project’s focus on relaxation, supported by integrated furniture consisting of wooden seats, bamboo-covered walls and evergreen hedges. Here MCD will intervene in 12 apartments promoted and sold with ‘turnkey’ logic. A partnership based on sales with Interior PackLema fixed furnishings, Ernestomeda kitchens, Gessi bathroom furniture and fittings, a Cesana shower cubicle –.
There are few available units remaining and soon a Sensory Apartment will be installed and ready, a sensory installation of a sample apartment designed to stimulate the five senses and to guarantee a promise of psycho-physical well-being based on values expressed in ‘Psicologia dell’AbitareTM’ (Psychology of Living), a format developed by TecMa Solutions.