Outdoor workspace

Pratic takes part in Andriani’s new HQ project: its pergolas become sharing areas for work and relax surrounded by nature

Andriani headquarters, Gravina, Italy - Photo © Arnaldo Di Vittorio
Andriani headquarters, Gravina, Italy - Photo © Arnaldo Di Vittorio

The philosophy of wellbeing supported by Andriani S.p.A. Società Benefit – a leader in the innovative food sector – is embedded in the design of its new headquarters in Gravina in Puglia (near Bari). Studio ASP Progetti designed a smart building surrounded by greenery, that is fully automated and self-sufficient in energy and operation. Special attention was given to the workstations, including individual ones and meeting and training spaces, to let them foster flexible, cooperative work as well as health, happiness, and positive thinking.

Six pergolas by Pratic are perfectly situated in this ecosystem, made in collaboration with the retailer Gravina Parquet. In the company’s courtyard, three pairs of bio-climatic pergolas contain three spaces for working and relaxing, surrounded by a rose garden, a hydroponic garden with medicinal herbs, and a citrus grove of local plants.

The pergolas are distinguished by a green hue specially created by Pratic. They make outdoor work spaces that can be used year-round, protected by tempered glass enclosures and an adjustable cover with aluminum sunshades (oriented through sensors to take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation).

If it rains, the blades close automatically and send rainwater into the gutters built into the sections. This lets it flow to tanks under flooring, where it is collected and purified in order to reuse it to irrigate green areas with an approach of circularity.

Photo © Arnaldo Di Vittorio