Eco-friendly heating systems

Comfort, energy saving and eco-sustainability. These are the main objectives of Radiatori 2000’s research in the field of heating. Goals that the Bergamo-based company – counting over 15 years of activity in the field – has achieved with the latest, innovative solution: Pietro, a stone radiator with patented electrification system.
Combining a minimal curated aesthetic to the Liquid Stone technology by Underleaf, the company revolutionizes the electric heating sector.

While in traditional systems heat is dispersed through thermal bridges (hot air rises goes upwards and falls cold), with this system the whole radiating surface has a uniform temperature: the heat is accumulated on the marble mass and continues to be “irradiated” in the room, even after the power source is turned off.

The Liquid Stone technology, in fact, is based on the premise that for the electrification of radiators oils or stone resistance are no longer used, but are replaced with marble powder agglomerated with water and organic binders. Through a carbon-cold process (with low CO2 emissions) these solidified powders allow the radiator to uniformly warm up, ensuring greater thermal efficiency with the same heating surface.

The result? Uniform heat, living comfort throughout the abode, energy saving, high performance, cleaner air and less dust.
The product is also conceived to use renewable energies. In the hybrid and electric version (available next to the water version) it can use the energy from a photovoltaic system, heat pumps or low temperature boilers.