Verona, a milestone in design

“With stone you can” is the claim of Marmomac, the most important international exhibition dedicated to natural stone. And with stone, a dumb material as described by ADI President Luciano Galimberti during the presentation press conference, it is possible to do something. Italy is a country where every region has its stones and its history: they are cultural content linked to the territory that, together with its ability to work this material and the creativity of the designer, create true design projects. The ability to tell stories through objects is one of the peculiarities of the world of design in symbiosis with the world of production.

A bond that ennobles and enriches the long, complex supply chain of natural stone.

Marmomacc is the ambassador of this world, able to attract more than 1600 visitors from every continent who, together with the exhibitors at the event, represent 22 billion euros, which is the value of the global trade in stone materials.

Marmomac is not just an exhibition, the collateral initiatives (so to speak) are numerous: Verona will be the location of the sixth edition of Marmomac & The City (which will go on until the end of October) where 12 works created by 12 designers combined with the same number of companies will counterbalance the monuments of the city; the Icon Award will be presented to the best creation at the Italian Stone Theatre, where exhibitions Territory&Design, Virtuous Machines and Soul of the City can be visited.

The combination of food and wine is the focus of the Rosso (Red) Verona project, a tribute to the architecture of the city constructed in Rosso Ammonitico stone: wine, radicchio, love and of course the stone, all in 18 shades of red for the mood and the menu of the Rosso Verona restaurant that will welcome exhibitors and visitors.

MARMO+MAC, Veronafiere, from 27 to 30 September 2017