Decor, Arturo Alvarez style

Arturo Alvarez is part of that niche of producers of lighting fixtures that only skilful human hands can shape into precious objects.

The sometimes decisive, sometimes elusive shapes and the choice of textures and materials combine in a mix that appeals to both the residential and hospitality sectors. Alvarez lamps can be seen in countless contract projects, from restaurants to hotels.  The role of Tina at the W in Barcelona, to mention but one, remains an example of decor that strikes the eye of every visitor the moment they enter the lobby of the hotel designed by Ricardo Bofil.

Arturo Alvarez is present at the HD Expo in Las Vegas – the most important US exhibition dedicated to the hospitality industry – with its new collections:  Ballet, Onn, Ura and Pili.

Ballet, made of Simetch (a handmade material composed of stainless steel mesh combined with silicon, an Alvarez patented product), a decorative material of extraordinary flexibility. Its fluid, self-contained shape eliminates sharp edges and angles, opting only for folds upon folds of sinuous lines.

Onn is a collection of ceiling and wall lights made of varnished steel in the shapes of marine organisms like seashells, algae and coral.

Pili is an entanglement of very thin steel wires that only appears random, where the light shines from every tiny space of the composition.  Decoration with the utmost power.

The interplay of volumes is the secret of Ura, a collection of ceiling and standard lamps whose combination of forms encapsulates the energy required to create an ambience that is always changing.

Arturo Alvarez, HD Las Vegas, Level 1, Booth 4120