Pop art to the fore at Seletti’s new flagship store

The first flagship Seletti store is truly out of the ordinary, as are the fittings that fully enhance the objects and accessories of the two new collections created in collaboration with Studio Job: Blow and Un_Limited Editions. Designed by BBMDS, the Seletti store – at number 117 in Corso Garibaldi, Milan – is now the touchstone in Milan for all lovers of Pop Art, which the brand has managed to interpret in a complete range of products for the home – from lighting fixtures to soft furnishings.

“For a brand like Seletti, there’s nothing more liberating than taking a number of precious objets d’art  and transforming them into something that is accessible for everyone,” said Stefano Seletti, the brand’s art director. “It was a major challenge for us to bring together the most interesting contemporary artists in the world of design and create a collection with them that embodies the exclusivity of art while ensuring it remains accessible. Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, of Studio Job, said yes to this crazy adventure right from the get-go.  Our aim is for these objects to invade the homes of the whole world.”

The showroom’s layout makes it possible to quickly reconfigure the way the collections are displayed in real time, and so the designs of the two new series are on show as the first setting. In particular, BLOW is a true designer brand: a new family of objects made up of carpets, folding chairs, mirrors, porcelain plates and neon lamps, including the mouth-shaped Lips and the stylised lamp Flash.
The UN_LIMITED EDITIONS series is comparable, conceptually, to the Pret-à-Porter of the fashion world, intended to make haute couture accessible for everyone.  In a similar way, UN_LIMITED EDITIONS by Studio Job becomes a “ready-to-love” collection, in which Seletti creates, for the first time, a sofa and an armchair, Hot Dog and Hamburger, that enliven the Fast Food Furniture collection. And it presents once again cult objects like Banana Lamp and the Tiffany Tree lamp.