Four Seasons Private Jet: comfort is high in the sky

The high level of the high-altitude hospitality is more than sufficient to satisfy an elite and increasingly demanding clientele.  Among the top-level services provided by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are luxury travel trips aboard private aeroplanes.  A full-on experience charged with sensory perceptions that linger long in the memory of the lucky few.  Guests are accommodated in the large first-class cabin of a Boeing 757-200ER aircraft, equipped with Rolls Royce engines, completely redesigned and customised by the team of designers of the Canadian company renowned for ultra-luxury.

An ambience of contemporary design, visually reassuring and immediately redolent of peace and tranquillity, thanks to the use of a palette of soft colours.  ut thNeedless to say, only the very best materials were chosen. The centrepieces are the seats, ergonomic and entirely covered in light-coloured leather by the Italian company Iacobucci HF Aerospace, specialists in the premium flying sector.

Specifically designed in collaboration with Four Seasons Hotels and Resort, TCS Expeditions and FactoryDesign provided a bespoke, made-to-measure service to ensure the very highest level of wellbeing and privacy on-board.  Just 52 exclusive VIP seats (rather than the 233 in the original layout) that can be reclined to their full length (nearly 2 metres) and turned into beds for the complete enjoyment of transoceanic flights. Entirely automated, each unit is furnished with a partition, special cushions and quilts, screen, USB and PC cables and sockets, drinks holder, lighting points (for relaxation and reading) and flight attendant call button.

No detail is left to chance on this jewel of 5-star cruising. Under the feet is a handcrafted rug-carpet from Amsterdam and, all around, a two-colour LED lighting system (deep blue and warm white) creates different moods, depending on the stage of the journey. Enveloped in the warmth of soft Mongolian cashmere blankets, the whiteness of linen table cloths, the first-rate cuisine of an executive chef and the attentions of a Four Seasons concierge and a global guest services manager, overcoming the ill-effects of jet lag is a walk in the park. In the unlikely event there are any ill-effects.

The engines are already turning over for the new routes scheduled for 2017. Among them is the Culinary Discovery, three intensive weeks in Asia and Europe on a trip that is unique of its kind in pursuit of a mission to trace each nation’s culinary traditions right back to their source. The idea was developed in partnership with Noma of Copenhagen, one of the restaurants that has garnered the most awards in the world, and its chef Renè Redzepi.  


Owner: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Management: Four Seasons Private Jet
Main supplier for the interiors: Iacobucci HF Aerospace
Photo credits: Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotels&Resorts