Venini on display in Place Vendôme

A rainbow of new colours illuminated the exclusive Damiani boutique in Paris, set free by the new Venini collections.  The spectacular setting of Place Vendôme was the perfect showcase to present, in parallel with Maison&Objet, the latest creative output of the artistic glassworks of Murano (the majority of which was acquired a year ago by the Damiani family).

The latest result from Venini’s research, always aimed at combining ancient know-how with a contemporary aesthetic, is an unusual experiment in pastel colours, such as mint green and straw-yellow, combined, in clear or opalescent versions, with popular forms of some of the company’s iconic designs.

The vases of the ArtGlass collection, examples of Venini’s creative excellence turned into a work of art, find a new identity in limited editions: this is the case with Monofiori Balloton – which, as well as the new colours, adopts a new oval design; the Opalina Oro vase (199 works for each colour, mint green and straw-yellow); 19 pieces each from the Murano, Venice and Milan series, created with the special submersion technique, as was Pyros, the sole work of Emmanuel Babled, offered in a limited edition of 49 pieces –  a concentration of creativity and artisan mastery that comes alive, starting with the colour stamps gently placed on the glass surface.