Timeless aesthetics in Florentine style

In celebration of 60 years of Roberto Giovannini, founder and soul of the eponymous company, the 2018 collection pays tribute to all the styles which have inspired the Maestro to create unique pieces, carving veritable works of art

Roberto Giovannini speaks of a classical world, faithful to canons of the past without shunning current inspiration, by means of extraordinary project design and aesthetic sensitivity which exalts luxury in its most authentic form. The company is positioned on the classic Florentine style carved furniture market and has been creating unique pieces for 60 years now, all featuring amazing carvings that transform them into veritable works of art.

Roberto Giovannini declares: “Our products draw inspiration from past eras; a historic period spanning from the 17th century to the early 19th century, and reproduce styles which have become universal references of classical furniture: Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire…we create furniture made exclusively from solid wood which faithfully reproduces timeless aesthetic canons, in full respect of stylistic rigour and harmony of proportions, by means of processes strictly bound to the art of carving, which continues to be an artisan process for us”.

2018 marks the 60th year of activity of Roberto Giovannini: an important anniversary, celebrated with the new Héritage collection, presented at Salone. A tribute to all those styles which have inspired the Maestro over the years, with unique and impressive pieces, not only in terms of sheer size, but above all in virtue of meticulously defined details and elegant features.

The company’s managing director Claudio Riceputi explains: “A finely furnished stand of over 200 square metres which recreates a luxury residence, with meticulous attention to furnishings and interiors, which aims to convey the concept of the ideal Roberto Giovannini home. A central lounge featuring new neoclassic upholstered furnishings, available in various sizes; a Master bedroom, the King Palace, with its charismatic Chippendale style headboard, rich in details and allusions to the historic period of reference, along with a guest room. Majestic, the impressive dining room on Louis XVI style, and an entrance rich in decorations and a neoclassic architectonic structure. Then there are tables and various accessories which complete the new collection”.

King Palace by Roberto Giovannini
Majestic by Roberto Giovannini

The colours? Lacquered, earth tonalities, waxes, gold leaf and silver leaf, rigorously applied by hand, according to the finest of Florentine decorative traditions. A selection of fabrics which aims to harmonise the classical style of furnishings with the creative flair of the fashion world, where tactile silk and velvet sensations are masterfully blended with the vibrancy of colours which feature on new materials, inviting the eye to hone in on and linger over details, in a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Upholstery and covers created according to the most ancient of Florentine traditions. Classic methods and modern materials, fundamental precepts for the creation of unique objects, destined to stand the test of time.

Soleil by Roberto Giovannini