A new natural stone spa concept designed by Antolini

Antolini’s new products for modern, sophisticated wellness spaces exalt the innate beauty and materiality of natural stone in a harmonious interplay of geometries, relief effects and natural tones. It is no coincidence that designer Alessandro La Spada made them the stars of one of the Lifestyle Plus installations, created in the Antolini company headquarters with furnishing objects and arrangements designed by La Spada.

Limestone Persiano Oak Design (Natura Collection) Antolini is part of the Antolini Natura Collection, a line that features refined processes that exalt the expressive potential of the material thanks to an innovative technology that creates a delicate, uniform incision, redesigning the surface of the stone.
With its nature-inspired texture and harmonious lines that recall the concentric rings created on the surface of water by a skipping stone, the wall features overlaid levels in which the light emphasizes, in the cuts of the material, the harmony of the shapes.
The perfect setting for the two stones made from Limestone Persiano Antolini, an exclusive and extremely versatile material characterized by soft, warm colors. Two elements that evoke retro forms with the purity of minimal cuts, expressing the expressive potential of natural stone on the wavy bottom that makes light vibrate in a striking scenic effect. The elegant beige tone produces a warm, harmonious effect and perfectly renders the delicacy of the forms, as if they were piles of sand carved by the wind.