Natuzzi sustainability at CityLife

Natuzzi Italia Total Home philosophy is evident in one of the most beautiful attic spaces in CityLife, Milan’s new residential, commercial & business districts designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid.

Natuzzi Re-vive chairs and two different versions of Dorian sofa are the protagonist of this amazing product placement. The inspirational set-up was chosen by Chalhoub, the leading partner for luxury in the Middle East, for the presentation of 2015 White Paper: “Luxury in the Gulf: a sustainable future?”

The respect for the environment of Natuzzi – from the rigorous traceability of materials up to the use of clean and renewable energy in our Italian plants – is well syntetized in Re-vive, which is made with top-quality materials, many of wich are recicled and recyclable. Aluminium, steel, plastic, leather, fabric and poluurethane are all salvageable and recyclable when the recliner is no longer in use.