Vimar, a new space for a total experience of sophistication and design

The “positive energy” claim that marks the corporate ethos of Vimar is just the tip of an iceberg, just below which there is immediate contact with the solid base that supports a construction that has not stopped generating success, jobs, ideas and solutions since 1945.

The new showroom just opened – a real flagship store in the literal sense of the term – reflects what Vimar is today: an industry in the electrical sector that has always known how to incorporate design as (inevitable and essential) value added and to build around the simplicity of the product a whole world of excitement in living and business contexts in order to improve the quality of the private and working life.

Quality, safety, innovation and technology are conveyed with simplicity in the themed areas created within the showroom.  But Vimar is also a company rooted in the territory, a truly native industrial business: these root values can also be seen in the journey of knowledge that the new exhibition offers, enriching the already acclaimed technical and market expertise with history.

Vimar has willingly gone beyond the concept of Made in Italy, creating a model that can reasonably be defined as Made in Marostica.

An expression of its savour-fair and the last product the company has been involved in is the Navetta 37, the new flagship of Ferretti's Custom Line Series.  Inside this exclusive 37 metre super-yacht, the vast range of Vimar sockets – from specific ones for razors in the private bathrooms to others customised to various foreign standards – meet every type of functional need: from built-in USB ports to the Eikon Chrome plaques that frame the sockets and the Vimar switches, furnished with silence, precise mechanisms for impeccable control of the lighting.