New address for Boffi | DePadova Köln

In Cologne, the brand has opened a new showroom on the city’s liveliest and most prestigious promenade. 

Boffi | DePadova showroom, Cologne
Boffi | DePadova showroom, Cologne

A strategic choice: to move the Boffi | DePadova space from its previous address on Spichernstraße, opened in 2004, to Kaiser-Wilhelm Ring: “We have gotten closer to the center of Cologne with our 360° lifestyle offerings, on this important shopping promenade featuring the presence of big names in Italian and international design. The new showroom fully reflects the heritage of Made in Italy that is part of the Boffi | DePadova identity,” says Roberto Gavazzi, CEO of the group.

“Since 2004, Cologne has been one of our key markets, also in terms of sales: in 2022 we have seen remarkable growth in local sales, of about 22% over the previous year,” he continues.

The move of the German showroom comes soon after the refurbishing of the space in Copenhagen at Bredgade, for the occasion of 3daysofdesign. Here the choice has been to characterize the 460 sqm space with a fluid passage from one zone to another, where every room represents a style and its own décor, perfectly in line with the “way of living” of the brands of the group.

The synergy of the Boffi | DePadova collections is also immediately perceptible in Cologne: the new location faces the pedestrian promenade with an area of 280 square meters on multiple levels, furnished in tune with the aesthetic signature of the creative direction, in a harmonious pathway of spaces of sophisticated allure, where contrasting forms generate a constantly varied game of dimensions, depths and chromatic tones.

The range of colors gets softer, where the anthracite gray of the walls – a Boffi signature – gives way to neutral, pale hues. The ground level runs through the depth of the space: the displays feature K14, Xila and the full-height Wigmore Shelving System, referencing constantly timely and innovative systems, juxtaposed with the Ami chairs by Yabu Pushelberg and the Villetta model by Keiji Takeuchi.

The first living area is introduced with the Deco sliding partition by ADL, offering a cutaway view of the collaborations with De Padova: the Everyday Life collection designed by Paul Smith mingles with the refined production of Time & Style ēdition, the Japanese brand (for which Boffi | De Padova manages the worldwide distribution).

The basement grants concrete form to all the characteristics of materiality and functional aesthetics that have always been facets of the Boffi style: from the grosgrain door of Shades in the Free Zone bath furnishings system, to the functional excellence of the Antibes wardrobe and the partitions of ADL.

Finally, a loft level highlighted by the Elementi lamp, designed by Elisa Ossino, hosts the Honoré collection, where the sofa and tables formulate an inimitable idea of refinement, in perfect tune with the philosophy of De Padova.