Stay safe with Bertolotto Porte

Petra is based on three fundamental principles: safety, protection and insulation. The new collection of security doors by Bertolotto prevent unwelcome intrusions, block out annoying sounds and keep the home protected from the winter cold.

In addition to the excellent functionality that distinguishes the collection, design and aesthetic qualities – which characterize all the brand’s products – are not overlooked. Pannelling can be personalized to meet the customer’s requirements thanks to the ability to select from the panels that Bertolotto offers. So the building is permeated with harmony and elegance, a symbol of luxury.

Petra also guarantees high quality standards, as demonstrated by Secur, Titano and Fortezza, the three security door models that are in class 3 (the first) and 4 (the last two), in compliance with the UNI EN 1627 regulation. The six-bolt closure of Fortezza and Titanio makes difficult any type of forced entry impossible, while Secur’s four-bolt closure also protects against incursions from outside.

Each model features a double-sheet steel structure with insulation, combined with various decorative panels and interchangeable fittings. The heat transmission index is 1.8, while the noise reduction ranges from 43 dB (Fortezza and Titano) to 40 dB (Secur).

The Bertolotto doors are an example of the company’s outstanding craftsmanship in the creation of products with a low ecological impact, avoiding loss of heat and excessive energy consumption.