Gufram & Paul Smith: a great match with a pinch of irony

When two brands –  with a common sense for innovation, creativity and humor  – gather together the result is always surprising.
It is for sure the case of Gufram & Paul Smith that consolidate their partnership with a second project starring the iconic Cactus, an Italian design item created in 1972 by the brilliant pen of Drocco and Mello.
On the occasion of their first collaboration at Salone del Mobile 2016, the brands launched Psychedelic Cactus, a soft coat-hanger in limited edition (only 169 pieces) characterized by vivid and psychedelic colors in the manner of Paul Smith.
For the second experience together, their avant-garde inspiration and bright eclecticism have generated a spiritual pattern with the iconic emerald green Cactus which repeats itself embroidered and printed on clothing and accessories by Paul Smith.
Wisely playing with contrasts and repetitions, the ironic totem gets smaller, making socks, ties – but also silk scarves, pocket pouch, shirts and polo shirts – unique and must see.
The collection is available at Paul Smith stores all around the world (Milan, London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York).