Oldfloor. Original designs, a mix of art and parquet

The Treviso company Oldfloor, which specializes in woodworking,  has designed the project “Quadri d’autore", created by the designer Matteo Ragni and by his personally selected group of stylists,  to reinterpret the world of parquet, exalting it to artistic heights.

For this project, Matteo Ragni brought together eight contemporary artists, who recount their own personal and professional journeys through unique woodworking processes, halfway between technological innovation and artistic creation, achieving an interesting combination of art and production. Oldfloor wanted to play on the uniqueness and quality of each component created by the process, in order to offer an artistic, personal product.

The group of designers involved in the project are Federica Biasi, Elena Caponi, Roberto Ciminaghi, Anna Congiu, Giovanna Fra, Vanessa Pisk, Elisabetta Viganò and Maurizio Zorat, each of whom communicate their personal stories through Oldfloor products: experiences, smells, places and emotions are brilliantly narrated and imprinted  on living wood. After a period of searching for inspiration, they achieved an exceptionally accomplished result.