The Biennale shines with Artemide lighting

Collaboration between the Venice Biennale and Artemide has been reconfirmed. Artemide will be lighting a variety of spaces hosting the 15th annual architecture exhibition, from al fresco dining at Le Bombarde restaurant, the Salde d'Armi and Bookshop, to the Press Office and Educational Initiative area.

The partnership between these two international powerhouses is fortified by the objective they share with the exhibitions’ director Alejandro Aravena: improve quality of life through architecture by proactively addressing these issues head-on. Supporting the Reporting From The Front exhibition, Artemide offers up a tangible architectural solution to these issues.

Outdoor public spaces around the exhibition employ such adaptive ambient lighting as Ernesto Gismondi’s Piroscafo, as well as Tolomeo and Reeds lamps. First designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina 30 years ago, Tolomeo is the longstanding brand ambassador that sets Artemide apart. Visionary designer in his own right, Klaus Begasse was inspired by nature to create Reeds, the perfect complement for any environment.

The recognizable designs of Michele De Lucchi and Ernesto Gismondi return to the Sale d’Armi. Gismondi once again tapped into his vastly creative mind to produce a special Nur lighting project entitled A World of Fragile Parts, also illuminating two masterful works by architect De Lucchi with Noto and LED Net lighting.

Custom designed for Milan’s Museo del Novecento and later included in the Artemide product catalogue, Calenda pendant lights by Italo Rota and Alessandro Pedretti grace the open space of the Le Bombarde restaurant alongside Les Danseuses, a hybrid light and air design by Atelier Oi.

Wilmotte&Industries’ Mouette and Issey Miyake’s IN-EI sculptural lighting collection take centre stage at the Bookshop and Educational Initiative spaces.