Scavolini is inspired by Japan

Scavolini elevates creativity and refined elegance to new heights with Ki. This new bath and kitchen collection features an innovative and versatile system that is the result of the prestigious Italian craftsmanship of Scavolini and design sensibility of internationally renowned architect, lecturer and head of Nendo studio, Oki Sato. Ki draws inspiration from Sato’s Japanese roots to capture the international appeal that embodies the Scavolini global strategy. As simple as it is sophisticated, Ki is a complete range that revolves around the underlying concept of maximizing space by “condensing the entire system into two components.” Two clean design elements shape the Ki collection. A simple wooden shelf and sleek white container with supple lines and rounded corners feature forms that can be easily replicated and transformed to bold a variety of other functions, reflecting the collection, name Ki, which means both storage units and wood in Japanese. A sound design conceived to allow absolute freedom, the Ki system is so versatile that it can be configured both for the kitchen and the bath. Bath components “focus on the aesthetic and functional role of the shelves,” Sato explains. Shelves come in a variety of lengths with specially profiled-to-fit containers that are the perfect complement. Available in a vessel, wall-mounted or pedestal washbasin style, the equally sophisticated sink shape matches contours of the containers. Exclusive bath cabinetry, soft white light-diffusing pendants and wall sconces, as well as container-ready towel bars are also featured in the collection. Versatile sheet glass mirrors can be placed on the floor, on the shelves or mounted to the wall and include an internal LED system that disseminates enough light for both user and room.

The ultimate sophistication and conceptual simplicity of Ki also reflects in the colour consistency of the single furniture material. Pleasing to the eye, wood is embellished with a special finish that also makes it soft to the touch. Created especially for this exclusive collection, this feat was achieved by tapping into the perfect blend of craftsmanship and cutting edge technology that epitomizes Scavolini.