Gan: back to the essence

Roots is the new collection created with Inma Bermúdez: a return to the origins and maximum naturalness

The collection designed by Inma Bermúdez for Gan has an emblematic name; a name that encapsulates the identity and philosophy of this line of carpets in a single gesture. The Spanish designer has drawn on her highly functional approach, vividly natural materials and Mediterranean background to create Roots: four kilim models made with a jute warp and a cotton weft.
Patterns with square forms repeat on different scales, adding rhythm to the various compositions and allowing the different materials or color variations to emerge (always in neutral tones).
The series also includes two stools woven with cotton and jute, and shaped by acacia wood. Everything is carefully crafted by hand.

Gan, Roots by Inma Bermúdez Gan, Roots by Inma Bermúdez