Space for Essence by Natuzzi

Natuzzi Italia Essence, modular corner store, appears for the first time in the Bel Paese with a stylish opening. Casabella Arredamenti in Treviso is the official dealer that houses the leading brand in the soft furnitures, in a reduce space but airy in disposition. Essence’s aim – previously sperimented abroad with a large success – is to confirm the brand awareness, also illustrating only the essence of the imprenditorial lines.

Flexibility and adaptability becomes key-words to pave their way into multistore, where there is a more direct relationship with the costumer.Products in the new location stretch from living and dining, where the total harmony by Natuzzi is a constant. In line with World Commercial Manager Gianluca Pazzaglini’s previsions: «This new commercial instrument will make more capillary our network and will strengthen the brand image that has harmony in its DNA».

The Natuzzi Group, that produces coaches, armchairs and furnitures since 1959, do not understimate the reserach and it guarantees an avant-gard position in the international panorama.