Design Show Shanghai at the starting line!

The Shanghai Exhibition Centre opens its doors to the new edition of Design Shanghai, which was inaugurated today to host four days dedicated to design and to the world of art and international architecture, with considerable attention to new Asian trends.

Ample space is given to Italian companies, exporters of quality that is recognized all over the world: Cassina is first in line, presenting its new minimalist, comfortable Scighera seating system. Piero Lissoni’s original concept consists of a double seat sofa, single elements, optional cushions and modular chaise longues.

Creazioni offers stylistic exuberance, expressed in a balanced combination between avant-garde and tradition, far-removed from the luxurious furniture offered by Fertini, which stands out for its unusual combinations of classic and contemporary taste. Foscarini exhibits the most innovative collection at Design Shanghai, drawing attention with its lighting products, including new products and best sellers, which can shape the surrounding atmosphere.

Many foreign brands offer innovative and creative ideas: for example, at This is a Sweden at work, which forms part of the Swedish pavilion, six companiees exhibit highly stylish and functional products; there are also references to the traditional nature of everyday objects, such as those made in wood by Fadil Ćostović for the meticulous Artisan brand.