Maistri and the philosophy of timelessness

Alberto Minotti, the Asso Group’s art designer, has applied his trademark minimalism to Maistri kitchens. The key concept is timeless fashion that goes beyond trends, a notion that is a key part of Minotti’s visual silence philosophy

Alberto Minotti has steered the progressive restyling of the Maistri kitchen brand. Its new direction places great emphasis on the concept of timelessness, which is the basis of products that transcend passing trends. Minotti, the Asso Group’s art designer and former head of the luxury and minimalist Minotticucine company, opts for materials such as wood, stone and plaster, along with neutral colors, to get as close as possible to natural features.

The Group acquired Maistri in 2012 and Minotticucine two years later, giving both a new and vital commercial momentum, while retaining their unmistakable lines.

Minotti’s visual silence translates into the contemporary classic style that can now be seen in Maistri kitchens, which are being repositioned to focus on a medium-high target.

The brand therefore becomes an icon of timeless elegance, while remaining accessible to everyone. To embody this concept, art director Minotti aims to “create beautiful, timeless original products that are simple yet exciting, featuring innovative designs and natural materials, anticipating the market and satisfying people’s needs.”

Each detail is meticulously designed and every superfluous aspect is eliminated, thus placing the individual, the real protagonist of the environment, at the center of this essential approach.

Plus is a kitchen model based on the timeless concept, in which every millimeter is important. The Asso Group’s key values – functionality, quality and research into innovative materials and models  – have enabled the company to steadily grow, increasingly becoming a Made in Italy benchmark.