Mosaico+ revolution

No longer mere product, but a new brand for interiors.  On its tenth anniversary, the company is embarking on a new strategic-design path. And steering towards the future

Going beyond the simple decorative role and getting to the essence of the design, what defines the spaces and meets the formal and substantial requirements.  Having reached the milestone of 10 years of operation, Mosaico+ is moving up a gear and implementing a physiological transformation, in step with clear ideas and market demands.

On the road just taken, petrol is a new logo, a new strategy, a new management, and above all a new way of understanding the very concept of cladding, now appreciated as a tool for designers, capable of being a ‘problem-solver’ and guaranteeing excellent, time-tested performance. But also valuing unusual combinations, together with the specificities of each study plan. The pay-off ‘Shaping mosaic’ – also just created – immediately declares the intention to personalise the products and customise the solutions, an essential condition of contemporary design.

Mosaico+, Jointed grigio

In this way, the company cleverly revisits the very idea of mosaic, listening to and interacting with architects and designers, with a varied proposal characterised by exclusivity, quality, excellence and the possibility to be integrated in the best way in the surfaces to give life to new residential scenarios.  Colour and materials are to the fore in the first collections of the new Mosaico+, no longer built around decoration and the creation of figurative elements but on 10 colour samples made of infinite vibrations of light.

The first standard-bearer of change is the Jointed collection, presented at the recent Cersaie of Bologna and a symbol of renewed design flexibility.  Jointed goes beyond the modularity of the mosaic tesserae and their repetitiveness: a graphic line marks them individually and enables 5 different types of decoration to be defined on each element.  The random composition of each one transforms a simple sign into a complex surface, which can be personalised with layouts of choice and with tone-on-tone or contrasting stuccos.  The series provides infinite combinations with the aim of defining the very identity of the space, enhancing its architectural character, telling a story made up of signs and traces that make it unique. Bullseye!