Innovation comes from the past

The bravery to be inspired in the future of design and innovation. The power to keep strong at the roots of Italian quality and authenticity.

Fratelli Sanvito is a company made up of people that from more than 50 years chooses to bring excellence in your homes.
Every day in our production department we create, starting from the best available materials and with the most rigorous cure of details, handcrafted artworks.
This is made possible by a team of experts that, from the design of the prototype to the revision of the finishes, give time, attention and care to ensure the best solution to your needs.

One of our strengths is, in fact, the flexibility to modify existing products to create new ones custom made basing on customer specifications.
This allows us to offer you an endless opportunity of choice of materials, styles, sizes, finishes, such as to make your environment prefect reflex of your self.
For this reason Fratelli Sanvito has long been active in international markets, and boasts unique creations, supplies of ministerial offices and embassies, as well as some of the most beautiful houses in the world.

Fratelli Sanvito will be at Salone del Mobile of Milan 2016, Pad. 2, Progetto Gallery