Minotti Collezioni, a modern mood with a classic style

The company Minotti Collezioni was born in the centre of the worldwide known area of Brianza. In this famous productive area the firm starts its production of classical style furniture.

In the recent years the company chooses to update its own proposal by creating products in a Déco-contemporary style, which is direct to a target mainly oriented to the current trends.

Today the attention of the company management is pointed towards the creation of a proper company philosophy, called The After Work Living Philosophy, which engages the Clients completely, by transferring a mood and a life-style signed by Minotti Collezioni.

The After Work Living Philosophy

The Living Philosophy of the home signed by Minotti Collezioni comes to life and is aimed at continuing the search of style and conceived as the soul of living emotions. This Philosophy is thought to enjoy sensations through products conceived to be lived beyond the current trends.

Art, Fashion and Architecture fuse together to express a Design that is contaminated by inspirations coming from the years of Art Déco to nowadays… and thanks to the competent tailoring ability, creative and handcrafted skills of manufacturing, we want to give emotions and beauty to the spirit of who experiences his own home.

The stylistic Design is conceived in order to enhance its value day by day with an international refined taste of its products.

The new Brand

In order to support the new Living Philosophy, the company Minotti Collezioni chooses to refresh its company image by introducing the new Brand that contains the distinguishing features of the company.

The Brand has been designed and coordinated by Architect Fabio Crippa, who has identified in a symbol the lines and the main features of the architecture of the early 1930’s, through the search of geometrical elements typical of these years. The synthetic and aerodynamic lines, the elegant and essential forms, reflects the new company concept as well.

Minotti Collezioni will be at Salone del Mobile of Milan 2016, Pad. 2, Progetto Gallery