Behind Closed Doors

Homes with pink façades and miniature interiors. The interactive installation by Hakwood and Shape London for Clerkenwell Design Week

Homes over three metres tall, featuring colourful façades, embellished and personalised with different miniature furnishing solutions. Behind Closed Doors is the installation which welcomes visitors to Clerkenwell Design Week. The project has been built at the entrance to Spa Fields, close to the Exmouth Market area and has been conceived by Hakwood, a brand specialised in wooden cladding and flooring, in collaboration with the design and construction studio Shape London.

Behind Closed Doors features interactive homes which invite design enthusiasts to peek through doors and windows to catch a glimpse of its interior design proposals.
Façades are clad in Hakwood wooden tiles for vertical surfaces, featuring patterns in vibrant shades of pink, inspired by a combination of Dutch (Hakwood) and British (Shape London) style.

“Hidden” rooms are positioned at various heights to encourage visitor interaction with installations and the discovery of various interiors, complete with mini-format furnishings, lamps and accessories, in a mix of different styles.

Lizzie Webster, manager of Design and Interiors at Shape London, explains: “Our partnership with Hakwood is central for all design projects we work on. In order to support us, Hakwood is developing and experimenting with new colours and printing applications on wood. In this street project conceived for the historic Clerkenwell district, we celebrate the use of Hakwood products within a residential and retail context”.

Photo Credits © Adam Scott