Successful auction for La Traviata by Slamp

La Traviata designed by Robert Wilson for Slamp was protagonist of the 23rd auction at the Watermill Centre. Eight prototypes have been auctioned on Saturday, the 30th of July, reaching benefits for 140.000 dollars: 120.000 cashed during the night-event and the other 20.000 earned by the online auction.

The benefits will provide Watermill Centre’s young talents support and guidance towards a bright future in the arts.

The eight models, sold by the world-renowned auctioneer Simon de Pury, have been choreographed in an exclusive, light installation that entertains guests (with the participation of Wilson, who released a video-interview here).

After a prolific career in theatre and arts, the American director and playwright made its passion for arts real, realizing the Watermill, an “earthly paradise” where students all-around-the-world can participate in high-level projects. In the same way, Slamp’s promotion of young creativity is at the very heart of its culture.