Henge opens in the heart of Milan

The workshop Henge consists of a space completely designed for interior design where the balance between content, material, technology and form are combined in the light of some the key concepts of the manifesto Henge.

Aesthetics beyond time, materials and manufacturing quality, of which historic and research value has been handed down, as for example, marsh oak (a fossil wood that has been underground for 500 years) or an artisanal burnishing with liver of sulfur, complete customization and propensity towards art, constitute the emotional approach of the brand.

A laboratory that faithfully mirrors the international contemporary and high-level projects of interior design, for which Henge serves as illustrious partner offering furniture, upholstery, lighting, accessories, and special products that feature a high level of customization for home decoration, all rigorously and uncompromisingly handcrafted. The expression of the most sophisticated Made in Italy.

The philosophy of Henge involves tools that are employed to develop a complete customization of the domestic environment together with the designers.