Opera Contemporary in Miami Beach with L’Exellence

Every year during Miami Art Basel (this edition from December 3rd to 6th) a vibrant atmosphere pervades the city through the organization of events including artistic and cultural initiatives that enhance the event dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

L’Excellence showroom in partnership with Art Bodega Magazine, opens The True Masters Collection, a private exhibition, twine of expressive stories. Patricia Nix, Gianni Piva, Vanessa Iacono, Barbi Leifert and Luciana Pampalone, dominant figures of the international art scene, are the stars of the evening dedicated to the arts in a play of contamination and suggestions between interiors and design.

An initial preview for Opera Contemporary who has signed for 2016 an exclusive partnership with L’Excellence, thus opening a strategic showcase dedicated to furnishing luxury in the heart of Miami Beach.