A gallery in Milan for JCP Universe

The showroom of Jumbo Group dresses up to welcome the exhibition “Parallel Lifeforms” of JCP Universe

An explosive mixture of art and design, in a window in the center of Milan. The visionary universe of JCP is on display at Via Hoepli 8, inside the showroom of Jumbo Group which has been remodeled to take on the look of an art gallery, a museum space with pale, almost dreamy tones.

This is the setting for the exhibition Parallel Lifeforms, curated by Alberto Zanchetta and Thanos Zakopoulos (co-founder of the studio CTRLZAK).

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A path that harmoniously intertwines the creations of JCP – designed by Samer Alameen, Livio Ballabio, Sam Baron, Matteo Cibic, CTRLZAK, Debonademeo, Gumdesign, Richard Hutten, Studio Lievito, POL and Nanda Vigo – with works of art by Gabriele Di Matteo, Paolo Grassino, Silvia Mariotti, Monica Mazzone, Stefan Milosavljievic, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Andrea Salvatori, Peter Senoner and Ludwig Wilding.
The result is a choral dialogue, a game of references, rebounds and impressions.

The Drobot lamps by Richard Hutten observe the portraits of Jackson Pollock by Gabriele Di Matteo; the rigid geometric lines of the Perflect bookcase make room for the anthropomorphic works of Paolo Grassino; the Venny tables (by Matteo Cibic), with their circular openings, form an echo with the compositions of Andrea Salvatori.

JCP Universe, Parallel Lifeforms
JCP Universe, Parallel Lifeforms

Focusing on the mutable essence of nature, in a process that combines innovation and tradition, the JCP Universe constructs its own aesthetic, in which imagination takes over from everyday routine.

The “Parallel Lifeforms” exhibition will be open until March 2022.