A new image for Promemoria showroom in Moscow

A new concept, a new image and new products for the Promemoria showroom in Moscow. The 275 sq m exposition space of Smolenskaya, where the company has been operating since 2008, has now been completely renovated to present luxurious upholstered products, furnishings, tables, mirrors, seating, lighting and accessories, all of which are designed by Romeo Sozzi, the creative spirit behind the brand.  Alongside iconic furniture pieces, contemporary products make their appearance, such as the Moscou table, the Ulderico and Wanda sofas, the Fiammetta lighting fixture and a refined closet especially designed for the Moscow showroom, as well as the latest collection of Lake Tales inspired by the atmosphere of Lake Como. The Moscow space flanks Promemoria’s other international locations in Milan, New York and Paris.