Ritzwell: design from the spirit

The new Omotesando Shop & Atelier opened in Tokyo by the well-known Japanese furniture maker is perfectly in line with the company’s philosophy, which begins with shared thinking to reach a finished product that conserves its beauty over time

Omotesando Shop & Atelier, Tokyo - Photo © Yuki Yamaguchi
Omotesando Shop & Atelier, Tokyo - Photo © Yuki Yamaguchi

Opening a store in one of the city’s largest green areas was a must. The new Ritzwell flagship in Tokyo is located at Nonoaoyama, in the urban forest of Aoyama, a green zone of clean air that protects local biodiversity.

Nature and man’s relationship with it, a legacy to safeguard for future generations that will become its guardians, forms the foundation of a corporate philosophy that begins with listening, to oneself and to others, and continues with great manual know-how, producing beauty as an outcome of this dialogue. The new Omotesando Shop & Atelier therefore stems from the need to create points of contact between people, to interact with visitors even during a particular period of time such as this one.

Here it is possible to watch the artisans at work, to experience everything that brings life to every Ritzwell object, perceiving the values involved. The value of the hands that create the pieces, with the aim not only of responding to the needs of the body (ergonomics) and the eyes (aesthetics), but also of satisfying the spirit, which recognizes harmony and deeper qualities.

The materials and finishes have been chosen to conserve beauty over time, evolving and improving with age. Every creation of the company does not simply furnish the home, but inhabits it like a member of the family. These qualities have marked Ritzwell’s production ever since the firm was founded in 1992 at Fukoka (on the island of Kyushu) – the new opening coincides with the 30th anniversary – in a perfect synthesis between Japanese thought and contemporary tastes.

Photo © Yuki Yamaguchi