Design and climate: the ideal connection

The invisible work of RMB More shapes and transforms a habitat into a place of well-being and creates a connection with design

RBM showroom, Milano

RMB More is a division of RBM, a metalworking company that produces components for air conditioning: that “More” is the tip of an iceberg that represents the transition from product to system to solution, a product company that becomes a solution provider. And these solutions enter the daily life of all indoor realities: from residential to office, from hospitality to museums and all healthcare facilities, all closed places that bring people together.

RBM More, attico Milano

99% of the solution proposed by RBM More is invisible, hidden from view (but easily accessible). But it is (paradoxically?) that remaining 1% that the human being perceives concretely and that makes the big difference. The RBM More solution works by subtraction: no more air conditioning terminals (fan coils, traditional radiators, air conditioner splits), but a floor, wall or even ceiling system capable of producing heat or cold with a refined control system and temperature and humidity regulation. The result is an ideal climate also from the point of view of air quality and sustainability.

RBM More, museo Brescia

A solution that by its nature fascinates the world of design and the consumer. From the “hard and pure” factory, which transmits consistency, to the invisible that embraces the human body, the ideal mix between concreteness and the final solution for well-being. In collaboration with Marco Carini – artistic director of the architectural side of the brand – who conceived the concept, RMB More, after the one created at its headquarters, inaugurated a 350 square meter showroom-installation in via Solferino in Milan in 2021 where it is possible to breathe (it is appropriate to say) the final result of the system, understanding the steps, discovering the technology with a narrative that is understandable even to those who – of air conditioning – are not experts.

RBM showroom, Milano

RMB More entered the world of design through the main door: Piero Lissoni designed a series of ergonomic thermostatic valves for the company. RMB More has already signed numerous residential, hospitality and retail projects. RMB More relies on the important production structure of the parent company RBM: 70 years of life, four production plants and five international branches: a “from raw material to solution” chain managed internally and therefore always under control.

RBM showroom, Milano